September 1, 2010

September 2010: Welcome and Link-Up Post

Welcome to Audiobook Jukebox! Use this post to link up your audiobook reviews. Feel free to link up as many reviews as you'd like.

When you submit a review link, we will add your review to the author, title, and narrator indexes found on this blog. To access these indexes, use the tabs under the banner graphic.

Each book that has been reviewed also appears as an individual post labeled by publisher and genre. To access books by genre or publisher, please click on the labels in the sidebar listed under "Genres & Publishers." Please feel free to let us know what you thought about any title listed here by commenting on that book's post.

Each blogger who contributes a review link will be added to the list of contributing blogs located in the sidebar.

Please use the contact form to report broken links and make suggestions.

Submitting Links
  • Your Name: please add the title of the book in parentheses after your name: Beth F (Pride & Prejudice)
  • Your URL: Please make sure your link leads straight your audiobook review and not to your blog's home page.
We will add your review to the indexes as soon as we can. Look for a new Mr. Linky post at the beginning of each month.

If for any reason Mr. Linky does not appear, please add your review links to the comments or try again after a while.

Remember, you can submit as many audiobook reviews as you'd like. There are no restrictions in terms of numbers, length, or style.


bermudaonion said...

Whoops, my first link to Julie & Julia is wrong - please delete it!

Beth F said...

Thanks, Kathy -- this has been taken care of

Heather J. said...

My link at #271 for Isak Dinesen is wrong - sorry! The 2nd one is correct. :)

Beth F said...

Thanks Heather -- it's been taken care of.

bermudaonion said...

You'll be happy to know, that I've finally entered all of my backlog. Thanks for all of your hard work on this!

Mason Canyon said...

This was one first try at adding an audio review to your list. It was featured on my Sunday Salon post. Thanks.

Thoughts in Progress

Darcy said...

Ugh - guess I did it incorrectly and didn't name the Hank the Cowdog series in my link. #460. Can it be deleted?

Thanks for putting this together!

Beth F said...

Thanks Mason!

And no problem Darcy.

David Niall Wilson said...

Crossroad Press has opened a new digital review site .. - we hope to review a lot of audio and digital novels / collections / etc. as well as providing essays from industry folk (first post is an essay from narrator Dick Hill)

Jeanne said...

Just added my first review - but realized after I clicked that I forgot to add the book title. I will get it right the next time. Thanks for this great service!

Beth F said...

David: Thanks for linking the new site up.

Jeanne: No worries.

Susie Sharp Librarian said...

I left a link for my LibraryThing Review. I didn't review this on my library blog because its a book the library doesn't have. My Library Blog is
My LT Profile is
You can put either or both whichever you would like.

Susie Sharp Librarian said...

I posted a link for my review of The Looking Glass wars from my blog this time

Beth F said...

Thanks Susie!

Veens said...

WOW 726! OMG, Beth - what a fabulous accomplishment!
Great work really!